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Naruto gets sakura pregnant

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Browse Stories Anime Books Cartoons Comics Games Misc Plays Movies TV Crossovers Anime Books Cartoons Comics Games Misc Plays Movies TV Just In All Stories: I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read the first chapter of my story.

She wasn't sure how long she had been sitting deep in thought, but she knew it had to have been sometime. Tube8 watch online. I just provided you with raws, resources and pages. Naruto gets sakura pregnant. Stupid Sasuke's damned intuitiveness was not helping the situation. You mean, the baby.. Taylor atelian sexy. When Sakura learns Sasuke caught the culprits and helped change their ways, Sakura felt proud of Sasuke for how much he's accomplished to redeem himself.

She put her hands on her hips. He made his living on the D and C ranked missions for the citizens in Hidden Leaf. But this is what came out of my mind at this particular moment in time. For now though she didn't want to think about that. Deciding to put the burden on herself, Sakura heads towards Naruto and makes a fake confession of her feelings to break their promise to each other in bringing Sasuke back home.

Probably competing with Chouji at the buffet-" NO!

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It brought a steady income for him and his wife. Hd ponr tube. But his mind was troubled and nervousness ruled his heart. When he reached their house, he unlocked the door. Sakura stiffened immediately, turning her body to look at the door.

He watched as the nurses cleaned then bundled the children up and presented them to Naruto and Sakura. Naruto gets sakura pregnant. The next day when the team meets up together, as Sakura is shown greeting Naruto, Sasuke silently comments to himself how unusual she seemed. Afterwards, after returning to the real world and being thanked by Hagoromo for saving the world, Sakura and Sasuke look at each other.

Well this is my theory as to what Masashi Kishimoto has planned and in store for us in the upcoming manga Boruto, Perhaps he is finally coming to his senses and realizing what a mess and a mistake the current pairings he created are and now he will make corrections of it in by having Naruto and Sasuke Marry the person they truly wanted in the upcoming Manga Boruto: Sasuke moved to stand close to Sakura.

As Kaguya was being sealed away, Sakura called out to Sasuke as he rushed towards her and Kakashi to tell them that they needed to get far away for safety. Naruto had been getting dressed when he heard his wife scream. Thai xx video. This time will not be the same.

Without invitation, the larger man stepped inside, brushing past Naruto. Wanting to protest, Naruto begins to ramble how they should then switch places but is stopped by Sakura's arrival and request for a fire. It's wonderful and scary.

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He wanted to yell at Naruto for saying such things, but an Uchiha is an Uchiha. No one could forget that night one month ago when they were going at it in the middle of the local pub. We're keeping the baby. The blond turned to look at her.

Hey all, so the job hunt is not goin so well, for some reason NO ONE is hiring college students in NC Depressed, Sakura mumbles to herself, but is quickly met with a warm approach from Sasuke, who smiles at her and affectionately pokes her forehead.

Your review has been posted. But to her astonishment, the results said that she was………………………… Positive. Naruto gets sakura pregnant. At least for the moment, Sakura felt like there was hope- even if it was miniscule…it was still there, thanks to Ino. He'd only come back for Naruto, after all, and even if it had taken him the better part of a year to work out his feelings for the orange idiot and a weeks or so afterwards to actually do something about them — Kiba had yet to stop gloating that he'd been right all along — he'd always been aware of how much Naruto meant to him.

The fact that so far sasuke is replacing and fulling the role of a father to Boruto and his family something Hinata wishes Naruto could do could possibly cause Hinata to start eyeing Sasuke a little ; ; and inevitably cause them to spend time with each other and converse more:

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